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  • Date Start: 13-07-19
  • Time Start/End: 14:00/15:00
  • Venue: Greenhead Park
  • Contact Person:
  • Event Capacity: Unlimited • FREE
  • This event has ended.
Welcome to the Tennis For Free session run in partnership with the Tennis For Free charity. This session is open to anyone of any level of any age. The session is designed to be family friendly so book on all of your family members and come down to give the session a try. You and your family members will be able to participate in the various sub groups appropriate to their age and standard.

The groups within the TFF session are:

2pm - 3pm - Parent & Child Session (parents/carers must be in attendance at the session with their child(ren))
2pm - 3pm - Beginners (typically non-rally capable juniors)
2pm - 3pm - Improvers+ (typically rally capable juniors and adults)

There's an additional 30mins Open Play tennis from 2pm-2:30pm with coach supervision

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